Herbalife Quick Spark

With Herbalife’s QuickSpark you can get natural energy at cellular level. The human body has millions of cells that need CoEnzyme 1 to function at their very best.

CoEnzyme 1 is the primary energy-producing coenzyme the body needs to function at its best. It is like a vital fuel that is is used in creating this energy from the food we eat, oxygen that we breathe in and the sun.  A loss of CoEnzyme 1 at a cellular level would create a deficiency of ATP energy.

Herbalife Quick Spark provides CoEnzyme 1 which triggers ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) – the main source of energy for cellular reactions via the ATP energy cycle (Citric Acid or Krebs cycle as it is known) and releases ATP energy at the cellular level. Everyone needs CoEnzyme 1 to fuel your cells so that your body can function and you can move your arms, blink, think and breathe!

Coenzyme 1 is formulated in QuickSpark as a lozenge that is dissolved under the tongue (sub-lingually).

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Dry Skincare This Winter

Your dry skincare routine needs tweaking in winter. Skin cells don’t renew themselves as fast as they do in summer, which means flakiness and
dullness are common winter skincare complaints. Plus, cold dry air and the use of heaters dehydrate the skin.

It only takes a few simple adjustments to your skincare routine and diet to ensure your skin continues to glow this winter.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! In winter, dry skin is a common problem due to the amount of time spent in air-conditioned rooms as well as
the constant exposure to cold dry air. Drink plenty of water to help combat the skin’s dry appearance and to keep it plump and supple.
Use a moisture-rich moisturiser and try to limit caffeine drinks as this will dehydrate the skin.

The other secret to healthy, glowing and youthful skin – your lifestyle!

You already know about the enormous health benefits of eating a balanced and varied diet, but factors such as exercise, smoking,
alcohol consumption and the sun’s UV rays also play a key role in your skin’s appearance.

Exercise is essential for managing your weight and keeping healthy but did you know it’s also good for maintaining skin and a clear
complexion. Exercise stimulates blood flow to the skin assisting utrient delivery and helps promote a healthy, clear complexion. Also
use exercise as a de-stressor; to clear the head after a busy day. Try waking, jogging, Yoga or Pilates.  

Protect in the sun – even on cloudy days

Environmental factors that can negatively impact the skin are the sun’s Ultra-Violet (UV) rays. UV rays damage the skin whether it is
sunny or cloudy – watch out for UVA rays which pre-maturely age the skin. Always wear a broad-spectrum SPF on your face and neck
every day to help protect your skin.

 Herbalife Skincare – with you during winter

The NouriFusion® outer nutrition range contains multivitamin facial skincare products with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E to help
nourish your skin and leave you with a healthy glow over the cold winter months. With 12 skin-satisfying products, NouriFusion® is specially formulated for two types of skin; normal-to-dry or normal-to-oily. This option means you have the flexibility to change products as the moisture levels of your skin changes each season.

 Radiant C® Facial Scrub Cleanser is a wonder product for reviving winter skin.  Cleanses, softens and smoothes dull, tired-looking skin,

  •  Contains vitamin C to fight free radicals and help your complexion glow
  •  Helps skin tone to appear brighter and revitalised
  •  Suitable for women and men of all skin types and great for shaving

 Top tips for worry-free winter skin

  •  Eat brightly coloured fruit and vegetables, rich in antioxidants to help boost your skin’s condition
  •  Sleep – try to get at least seven hours each night
  •  Stay hydrated – drink at least two litres a day
  •  Eat immune-boosting foods such as oranges, oily fish, lentils, nuts & seeds, eggs
  •  Exercise at least 30 min a day, five times a week
  •  Stop smoking and limit alcohol consumption
  •  Limit your caffeine intake as it dehydrates the skin
  •  Always use a SPF – even when it’s cloudy
  •  Keep laughing – it’s the best remedy to brighten your day

  Drk Skincare Solutions This Winter

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Food High in Fibre for Good Digestive Health

With winter approaching, it’s important to keep on top of your health.  Here are some ways around two common problems which may affect our health at this time of year.

Digestive Health

Digestive health is paramount for good health and the festive season is no excuse to let your healthy habits slip. Bloating and digestive
discomfort are common problems which can affect many people during this time of indulgence. Healthy diets are often thrown
out the window for a few weeks while we drink too much and eat extravagantly.

Bloating can be caused by a variety of things including overeating, food allergies or intolerances and menstruation. Although not all
causes of bloating can easily be overcome, you can make some easy dietary changes to help avoid discomfort and at times,
embarrassing flatulence.

Some simple ways to get you on track to a healthier gut:

  • Increase fruit and vegetable intake 5 to 8 portions per day
  •  Consume a high fibre diet
  •  Stay hydrated by drinking at least two litres of water each day
  •  Maintain an active lifestyle – exercise at least 30 min a day, five times a week
  •  Consume ‘gut friendly’ bacteria

Try to limit:

  •  Smoking
  •  Caffeine intake from coffee
  •  Simple carbohydrates such as sweet foods, fried foods and pastries

Maintaining a diet high in fruit and veg that provides fibre, antioxidants and other essential nutrients, is important to allow your digestive
system to process and absorb the right nutrients. Fruits and vegetables naturally contain fibre and are rich in antioxidants to help
fight free radicals. Once important nutrients have been absorbed, fibre and a good water intake help move waste through the digestive
tract to be excreted.

The body is made up of 60-70% water and vital to life. Water is essential to the body:

  • Helps to flush toxins from the body
  • Essential to every cell and organ in the body
  • Aids digestion – the passage of food through the digestive system
  • Keeps the skin hydrated, soft and supple

Cold days bring with them the inclination to reach for never ending hot drinks to help stay warm. While it is good to keep your fluid
intake up, be careful as these drinks may contain caffeine. Caffeine is great for a pick-me-up, but it may also lead to a drop in energy,
dehydration and can disrupt sleep habits.

How much should you drink? Try and drink at least two litres of water each day. You may need to drink more if you sweat a lot due
to heavy exercise.

Food high in fibre

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